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5 Pioneering Black Women DJs to Add to Your Next Playlist Besides DJ Shelly Rockstar

by Micheale Washington 01 Mar 2022 0 Comments

DJing has been a historically male-dominated field, but that hasn’t stopped some talented women from rising up to the occasion. So in honor of Women’s History Month, let’s shine a light on some female DJs who’ve already made a name for themselves or are becoming pioneers in their own right. 

If there’s one thing the pandemic reminded us of, it’s the power of togetherness, and often, it’s the music of a DJ that brings us together with our closest friends or complete strangers! Women DJs deserve their flowers for being part of the crew that uses skills on the turntable to uplift, inspire, and break down walls with music. So here are five female DJs we’re paying tribute to today: 

  1. DJ Sharon White

Hailing from New York, Sharon White was and is a famous Black female DJ in history, and she’s a woman of many firsts. She got her start as a radio DJ before playing at the world's most renowned clubs like Studio 54 and Limelight. She was the first woman to become a DJ reporter for Billboard Magazine and the first woman to head promotions at Motown Records. 

  1. Tiff McFierce

Also known as the first Black woman resident DJ at Madison Square Garden, Tiff McFierce has an exciting career that lives at the intersection of wellness and music. You can catch her DJing at New York’s Knicks games and events popping up all around NYC! 

  1. DJ Diamond Kuts

Tina Dunham has an impressive resume, too. She spun for Barack Obama, toured with Nicki Minaj, and was the first to play Lil Uzi Vert on the radio. DJ Diamond Kuts is also the first woman in Philadelphia to have a mix show slot on the radio. 

  1. The Runaway DJ 

DJ Crystal Mercedes, the Runaway DJ, is known for her limitless sound that knows no real boundaries. She mixes hip hop, pop, house, reggae, and rock—you name it. Not only is she a great performer, but DJ Crystal Mercedes has provided musical directions for many well-known companies like Sephora and Macy’s. 

  1. Jasmine Solano

If you love interactive oldies and upbeat tunes, you’ll love Jasmine Solano’s work. Solano is an up-and-coming artist who’s worn multiple hats, including one as the host of the MTV show Scratch the Surface. For music, however, listeners can always expect sounds that bring on good vibes and plenty of Caribbean influences. 


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