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Rock Star Luxe Life - The Day Soiree Recap

by Micheale Washington 29 Dec 2021 0 Comments


Fam....a few months ago I said, I need to create a vibe that is all  about providing busy, high functioning givers and caretakers a safe place to relax and luxuriate within a group of black women entrepreneurs/ influencers...and Bay Bee, let me just tell you, yall understood the assignment.  It was a beautiful picture-perfect day poolside at our luxurious tropical island villa, shout out to Chantea Nicole Photography, and Untapped Media Group for capturing it and the magical MUA Warrick Andrews for beating my face with precision. It was a pleasure working with Couture Mobile Spa as they finessed my guests' cares away with healing hands and soothing aromatherapy oils. With Luv Catering showed all types of foodie Luv with the delicious Caribbean meal that was seasoned to a TEE, you hear me? Can't forget English-Brown Winery for the specialty crafted cocktails. Come Thru Blood Orange Sangria!! 

I want to thank each and everyone in attendance with an extra special thanks going out to my VIP guests: The Aunties, Sizzle After Dark, Sista Whirlwind,  Zakeya Foster, and Davica Williams.

To my awesome staff, thank you for all you do! And just like that...we gone do it again. Check out the recap pics below, For more visit, Make sure you are following @shellyrockstar @rockstarluxelife for upcoming events and exclusives. 

ShellyRockstar-DaySoiree-30sec from Shelly Rockstar on Vimeo.




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