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Rockstar Rollers - Rollin Wit Da Homies

by Micheale Washington 18 Aug 2022 0 Comments

Join #yourfavoritechickdj Shelly Rockstar Saturday, August 27th at SkateBird Miami for “Rolling With The Homies” presented by The @PrettyHighClub —The Only all-female cannabis club in Florida. 7pm-11pm Location: 533 NE 83rd Street El Portal, Florida 33138.

This adults-only event is 420-friendly and open to men and women (Skaters 18 and older are welcome). Yes, BOYS are ALLOWED for this exclusive edition! Ladies this is the time to bring out all your gang! Bad batches only 🧜🏾‍♀️ This month's theme: Roller Derby Diva -- We outside, so come dressed in your fab Roller Derby Digggs!!! Need Inspo click here.

Tickets are on sale now! General admission is $25. VIP with goodie bag is $40. Purchase your tickets here and check out the venue on Instagram @skatebird305 ✨Brand NEW covered outdoor skate park facility with over 12,000 sq feet!! Come vibe with The Rockstar Rollers 🛼✨ and the PrettyHigh Babes💅💨! 🔥🎥🔥🎥🔥🎥🔥🎥🔥🎥🔥 Events include:

💨 Battle of the Sexes Contests!

💨 Jam Skating

💨 Skate Rentals

💨 Smoke Off Contest

💨 Rolling Contest

💨 Graffiti Artists

💨 Live Entertainment

💨 Dab Station

💨 Photo Stations

💨 Massage Therapist

💨 MMJ Doctor

💨 Dope Vendors/Brands

💨 VIP Goodie Bags

💨 Food/Bar on Site

 🗣Skate at your own risk🗣  please share...see you there 💃🏾💕💪🏾✌🏾

Want to join our crew and stay in the know about upcoming skating events...sign up for our mailing list here.
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