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Local DJ Shelly Rockstar Makes Noise in Entrepreneurial Pitch Competitions | Five Star Medical Transport Company

by Micheale Washington 27 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Hollywood Fastrac Classmate support Local DJ Shelly Rockstar in Hollywood Spark Pitch Competition

Experience the luxury and reliability of Five Star Medical Transport, the premier non-emergency transportation company in South Florida. Created by DJ and entrepreneur Micheale Washington, also known as DJ Shelly Rockstar, this innovative company was born out of a personal experience with the challenges of finding trustworthy transportation for her paralyzed brother.

Frustrated by the lack of reputable options, Micheale and her brother decided to make a difference. They developed Five Star Medical Transport to cater to the disabled, elderly, and temporarily impaired individuals who deserve top-tier transportation services.

Micheale's entrepreneurial journey began with the FastTrac® Start-Up Program, a comprehensive course that helped her refine her business concept and create a solid business plan. She emerged as one of the top graduates, securing second place in the program's Pitch Competition & Graduation Day event.

Her success continued with the Annual SPARK Pitch Competition, where she showcased Five Star Medical Transport's unique offerings. As a finalist among many talented entrepreneurs, Micheale proved that her business is not only necessary but also financially viable.

With an expected launch in 2024, Five Star Medical Transport is currently seeking start-up capital to bring its exceptional services to the community. Join the client/passenger waitlist by contacting us at or call us at 754-243-0311

When asked about her transition from DJ to the non-emergency medical transportation industry, Micheale explains how her DJing experience taught her valuable skills in productivity, customer service, and innovation. With South Florida's large elderly and cosmetic recovery populations, she is dedicated to providing respect, grace, and luxury to all through Five Star Medical Transport.

Discover the difference of Five Star Medical Transport and experience luxury transportation like never before.DJ Shelly Rockstar Hollywood Fasttrac Program WinnerDJ Shelly Rockstar and Family and Spark Hollywood Pitch Competition


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