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DJ Expert Series: Taking the Terror Out Of Networking

by Micheale Washington 27 Jan 2023 0 Comments

While it's easy to send a Facebook message or DM to invite someone to an event or share your latest mix, it's important for DJs to network in person to stand out and be remembered. By engaging with others face-to-face and handing out physical materials such as QR code business cards, DJs can make a lasting impression on potential clients or collaborators.

There are several "old school" networking techniques that DJs can try to build their network and advance their careers. Getting involved at local music haunts, meeting with other DJs in the area, and showing support for other DJs are just a few ways to expand your circle and gain recognition in the industry. 

Networking is an essential part of growing any career, including being a DJ. Whether you're seeking guidance for your new business idea or trying to find the right connections to take your DJ career to the next level, networking can be an intimidating and daunting task. Fortunately, there are several tips and strategies that can help make networking both doable and bearable.

The first step is to strategically select networking events that will help you achieve your desired outcome. Upon arrival at the event, survey attendees and target strategic contacts in your desired industry or interest. Spend only 30 seconds per contact at large events and don't forget to exchange business cards*. People have a connection time just like a modem, so greet them with a question before telling them your name twice. Get a simple hook for people to remember you by, such as a slogan-like "Misses FixIt". Lastly, make networking a lifestyle, stay on top of new events and build relationships genuinely.

In addition to traditional business cards, QR code business cards have become increasingly popular among professionals. These cards provide a quick and easy way to connect with potential clients or collaborators through the use of a smartphone camera. By scanning the QR code on the card, the individual can be directed to the owner's website, portfolio, or social media accounts. This is an excellent way for DJs to showcase their work and skills by linking their website or SoundCloud page to their QR code business card.

While QR code business cards may be a more modern approach to networking, it's still essential to follow networking etiquette and be genuine in your interactions. By pairing the use of QR code business cards with the previously mentioned networking tips and strategies, DJs can effectively build their network and advance their careers. Remember to stay on top of new events and build relationships genuinely, ultimately turning networking into a lifestyle.

By pairing these techniques with the previously mentioned tips and strategies, DJs can make networking less intimidating and more productive in achieving their goals. Remember, being genuine, professional, and asking for what you want are crucial steps in building your reputation and advancing your career.


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